How It Works

Identification of the root cause

To start with, any problem that a child is facing is actually not the present problem, but is a result of accumulation of smaller gaps over time. So the present problem is just an apparent problem but the root cause of the problem is lying somewhere else.
So no matter how much we try to solve this apparent issue, until we attack the root cause we will never be able to solve the real issue and problem persists.


Eradication of Gaps

At UnlearnKids what we do is at first we identify the child’s precise conceptual gaps which exists, then based on those gaps the system creates a powerful learning path to resolve those gaps. The best part with the learning path is that it starts from the point which the child know, and slowly the learning path builds child’s knowledge from there to resolve the gap or eradicate the root cause by taking baby steps. This ensures rebuilding the child’s confidence in himself that YES I CAN DO IT and in a similar way child learns new concepts as well.


Learning New concepts

The system helps the child learn new concepts through our advanced ZPD based pedagogy using NanoSkills as the building blocks. The way it works is, it starts the new concept interlinking with the older ones and starts slowly building upon it. So the system doesn’t teach any concept directly with formula of definition rather build the definition or concepts in the subconscious mind of the child by asking them questions. As a result, the concept gets embedded in the child’s brain in the form of patterns and once when the concept is finally introduced, the child’s reaction is like “Ohh, yes, this is quite logical, it has to be like this only”
So there is no hassle of mugging up formula, concepts or definitions. The child owns them now.



This self learning and exploring generates the motivation in the child to explore more and give them that “sense of achievement” which becomes the driving force for the child. The system is designed in such a way that driving force should be generated from within rather than using external goodies as motivation for the child. Here the motivation from within is powerful, forceful and self sustaining and ever growing, thus pushing the child towards perfection.


A tiny support from Parents

Parents are connected with their children through the system and can track the progress of their children in real time and will be intimated wherever their child needs help. 5 minutes a day from parents can keep the Math fear away and help them bring out their Math Genius.
On the other hand Child will never know that he is being assessed, for the child it is like a game where the child needs to finish his weekly target to achieve points, coins etc. and thus just by playing the child starts learning Math rather starts Loving Math because the child starts believing that YES I CAN DO IT.

Result:The child now becomes fearless, self learner, experimental and is on the journey of bringing out the genius inside him.


on Unlearn, you have access to:

Learning By Technology

The intelligent platform will act as a personal mentor for your child and will help him/ her experience Math like never before, making learning super easy.

Supported by UnlearnKids Experts

If your child is not consistent at home and you want regular support, our highly trained experts are available to support your child.

Rewards & Recognizition

The whole process is gamified, so that every small achievement of the child is rewarded and their hard work is recognized.

Technical and Academic Support

Give us a call if you need any support, we will be more than happy to assist you and your child.