Key to generate the driving force to learn Math from within

Key to generate the driving force to learn Math from within

Imagine, if each time you visited a doctor, he prescribed the same medicines without any diagnostic tests, would you keep going back to him? No! Why do we do the same thing to our children in case of education?

Every time a child does not perform well in exams, we ask him/ her to study harder. Nobody knows the problem the child is facing, but the only solution we have to offer is to ask them to focus and study for longer hours, without any direction or plan. Won’t our children eventually start hating studies?

The situation is very similar to the case that one doesn’t know how to read words and we are asking them to read stories. The motivation or the inner driving force can only be generated once fear is destroyed completely. The reason why fear cannot be easily destroyed can be understood in the following manner:

  • Any present problem the child is facing is not the present problem but is accumulation of smaller gaps over the years.
  • Nobody has the time and energy to identify and resolve these gaps in the child’s understanding for the simple reason that school syllabus always keeps moving on. It does not wait for any child and because of the system of tests and assessments the child only tries to understand what is going to be coming in exams and hence keeps on working on the apparent problem rather than the root cause.

Let us understand the genesis of this fear/ dislike or any negative emotion for Math and then only we will be able to eradicate that emotion and make our kids fall in love with Math.

Math is like a wall made of bricks. Each brick is linked to the other in one way or the other, there is a vertical as well as horizontal connection between the bricks of the wall (concepts). And remember that each brick is made up of small grains of clay. Each grain has its own importance and we need to understand that to make a strong wall.

Imagine that your child is standing on a wall of Math, which is painted and coated beautifully so that you are not able to see behind the paint. You only know that your child is uncomfortable standing on the wall. The child may be uncomfortable because the wall is wobbly/ weak and he/ she might fall anytime.

Reasons for wall being weak are either of the following:


Some bricks are weak (Incomplete understanding of a concept in its entirety)

Some joints are loose (Unable to make connections between the concepts)

Some bricks are missing (Some fundamental concepts are missing)

Some bricks are wrongly placed. (Misconceptions acquired in early age)

The clay is not properly set. (Micro obstacles that haven’t been scaled)


Its these problem which are generating the fear of falling from wall (leaving Math after 10th) or breaking off the wall (fear of failing). We as parents are not able to see the real root cause.

In most of the cases, Even if the child is scoring very good marks, the MATH PANIC before exams persists. We need to make the wall stronger to remove that fear. Now the question is how can we make the wall stronger, without breaking the wall in minimal time with minimal efforts.

First step is to identify the precise problems at precise locations and because the wall is coated, one needs to see beyond the coating. Once the problems are identified, then comes the strategy, to solve those issues.

UnlearnKids use nano-skills to identify these gaps that have been accumulated over the years. Once these gaps are identified, our intelligent platform creates a personalised learning path for the child. The learning path is designed strategically for each kid to empower them to build their knowledge to fill these gaps by themselves with minimal dependence on external sources.

With parents committing 5 minutes a day on helping their kids, the whole situation can be turned around.

We are not providing a medicine for a common cold instead we are building the child’s immunity system so that they don’t have colds in the future.

We will tell you more about how nano-skills and ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) pedagogy weaved together using technology, will help your child learn.

Stay tuned.

Access Your Child's Mathmatical Ability In 15 Minutes 
For Kids Upto Grade 5th

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Access Your Child's Mathmatical Ability In 15 Minutes 
For Kids Upto Grade 5th