UnlearnKids Platform

Does your child dislike or is scared of maths?

Learning gaps accumulated over time leads to children disliking or being scared of math. Our platform helps bridge learning gaps and keeps children engaged through an attractive reward system.

Are you a working professional and have limited time?

The personalised guided learning path is designed to build the child's knowledge & help fill those gaps with minimal help. When your child is unable to understand a concept, you will get an email about the specific concept or subconcept your child needs help understanding. Thus you will be able to help your child when required and track their progress.

Are you unable to identify your child’s actual learning gaps?

It is nearly impossible for a parent to identify all existing learning gaps of their child. The UnlearnKids platform identifies learning gaps and breaks them down into nanoskills. Nanoskills help students learn new concepts easily by connecting it with their previous learning.

Is the school syllabus a limitation to your child’s learning?

Our platform is based on ability wise learning as opposed to age wise learning. If your child learns faster & completes the school syllabus before time then the platform will adapt to your child’s needs. When a child gains complete understanding of math concepts in their grade, then the platform automatically progresses to the next grade.

UnlearnKids Platform in action

15 minute smart assessment

Detailed report including SWOT Analysis

Identify The Hidden Gaps

As a parent, you might be aware of certain conceptual gaps in your child’s understanding. Yet, you may be unsure of the exact gaps within a concept or sub-concept. We aim to empower you by diagnosing the specific accumulated gaps in your child’s learning.

Bridge The Identified Gaps

The UnlearnKids platform will identify your child’s knowledge level and transition to a learning path especially created to cater to your child’s individual needs. The system’s artificial intelligence will help bridge your child’s conceptual gaps using 4000+ Nano-skills. As parents, you will have access to a dashboard to check your child’s progress reports.

Learn New Concepts

Students are able to grasp new concepts with greater ease this ensures that the performance of every student improves and no student lags behind. Our intelligent platform uses ability wise learning as opposed to age wise learning to personalise the learning process automatically with your child’s learning curve.

Enhance Performance

When a child works on our adaptive learning program, he/ she begins to explore the ‘why’ behind math problems rather than just
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