Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is UnlearnKids different from Kumon, Abacus etc.?

    UnlearnKids is adapted to the Indian curriculum, and covers it comprehensively. Whereas Kumon, Abacus etc. cover only Arithmetic skills. UnlearnKids caters to the specific need of a child and builds Logical Reasoning and Analytical skills of the child of that are not covered by either Kumon or Abacus.
  • Does UnlearnKids only help students with ‘Math’?

    Students using the UnlearnKids module not only cover the school syllabus of Math but also learn a lot more. The advanced module used in the program also enables students to develop their aptitude and reasoning skills. The curriculum of the program provides “discovery-based” learning and hence children inculcate important skills like critical thinking, creativity and visualization.
  • Is the UnlearnKids curriculum progress linked with the school curriculum progress?

    The UnlearnKids curriculum comprehensively covers the school syllabus, and goes beyond that. The program will first assess children to find their accumulated backlogs and will help them systematically clear those gaps and bring them at par with the class syllabus at the earliest.
    If there are no backlogs, then objective of the program is to enable the student to further excel and go beyond their class syllabus as far as they can. The child will have the freedom to choose domains like Number sense and Operations, Geometry or Algebra.
  • Are the UnlearnKids worksheets different?

    UnlearnKids worksheets are not just drills, and also the order in which they come to students is very important. Generally the most difficult question for the parents is to choose, what should be the next worksheet, that issue in particular has been taken care of by our research team while designing the content and intelligent algorithm which will decide the order of the content focusing on building Logical Reasoning skills through thousands of creatively designed problems.
  • If there is minimal teaching, how will the child understand a concept that he/ she hasn’t studied?

    UnlearnKids has broken down the math syllabus into Nanoskills which are the granular skills that make up the building blocks of understanding a concept and foster its application at every stage.
    Understanding of a concept is broken down into smaller sub concepts which are further broken down into Nanoskills in the fashion our brain understands them. Even if a student has not studied a particular concept in school, he will still be able to cover the Nanoskill in that concept during the program with minimal teaching inputs.
  • How much do I have to teach in the UnlearnKids model?

    There is no board-based teaching in the UnlearnKids model. UnlearnKids program is based on a model where children make their own discoveries in the subject. The primary role of the Parent is to monitor the sessions and provide required assistance to help the students clear their registered backlogs on the path. It is also important that students are encouraged to continue working on their assigned targets.
  • How does one know the initial level of the child?/ Is there any baseline test conducted?

    There is a baseline test conducted. UnlearnKids program is designed in a way that it tests the student regressively in a given domain to gauge his level of understanding and find out if there are any existing conceptual gaps in his understanding of Mathematics. Based on the results obtained in the assessment, a personalized and guided learning path is created for the student by the system.
  • Is there any periodic revision of concepts covered earlier?

    Yes, revision tests are periodically conducted. They cover all concepts that have been studied by the child up to that point in time.
  • My child attends tuition classes after his school hours. Will he still need this?

    The tuition classes adopt quite a traditional method of teaching and they are often focused in covering the defined school syllabus of the student. In the present era of competition, students need a much advanced method to inculcate new skills and the traditional methods aren’t really sufficient there.
  • How will UnlearnKids help my child?

    UnlearnKids is a cloud based personalized learning platform based on adaptive logic which helps a child explore mathematical concepts at his/ her own pace and level of understanding.
    The platform first assesses the child and identifies tiny gaps in the conceptual understanding of the child. Once the gaps are identified, the platform builds a customized guided learning path for the child based on the child’s understanding of Math. The purpose of a guided learning path is to build the child’s knowledge in order to empower him/ her to solve his/ her gaps with minimal or no external help. UnlearnKids focuses on strengthening the basic foundation of the learner in the subject while building analytical and reasoning skills at the same time, so that higher achievements can be secured in the future. UnlearnKids will help them see Math holistically where they can see the connect between different concepts. The students begin to learn the ‘WHY’ behind Math concepts and are able to connect well with Mathematical facts. Something that they can never learn from books.
    Once the child is able to solve his/ her problems without any help, they begin radiating confidence and that can be seen in other aspects of life as well.
  • How will my child learn concepts just by answering questions?

    t’s not about solving just questions, the important part is what is happening when the child is giving answers to those questions. The guided learning path weaved by the combination of Zone of proximal development pedagogy and Nanoskills.
    So while the child is answering each question, one small attribute is being built in child’s subconscious mind and slowly in 4 stages the abstract concept is built. The starting point of guided learning path for each child is the point which they understand and appreciate and from there step by step we build child’s knowledge for the new concept by asking question.
    For example We use 89 Nano-skills to teach Place Values, Initially based on counting patterns the child is taught importance of places, so that is the first steps where child doesn’t know the logic but is solving questions based on patterns. In the second step the child has a strategy for solving questions, but he/ she will still not appreciate the concept but can apply the strategy for different variants. In the third step the child is learning different attributes of a concept by solving those questions, one attribute at a time. Also a little bit of generalisation starts taking place. In the fourth stage the child is able to understand the abstract concept and is happily applying it to different situations and is capable of helping others as well.
    So the questions are designed after a decade of research in such a way that by answering them the concept building takes place in the child’s mind and when you tell them that theoretically this is the concept, the reaction of the child is what’s new in this? Logically, it has to happen in this manner. That’s when you know that the child has not just understood the concept but has internalized it.
  • Why does my child find the initial questions to be very simple?

    The program is designed in such a way, that it would be rare for the child to find the questions difficult, not because there are no difficult questions but because when he will attempt them he will be able to solve those difficult sums easily because of the increment in his knowledge pool. So we always start from the child’s level and then increase the level in baby steps so that the children don’t even realise the transition and are able to solve the most difficult questions easily.
  • My child finds the questions to be repetitive. Is that so?

    The questions are not repetitive but every Nanoskill that the child will attempt will build some attribute of a concept in the child’s mind. We deliberately do it in baby steps so that child is able to reach the higher stage by himself and feel a sense of achievement that “Yes I have done it!” and finds math easy. It is a myth created that math is difficult. The way math is taught has made it difficult, it is impossible for a human brain to not comprehend Math. So the questions are not repetitive but are present with very fine variations to build the concept holistically.
  • How much time should my child spend on this program?

    An UnlearnKids student must work for a minimum of 2 hours in a week on the program for it to make a meaningful impact on his skills.
  • Will this program be able to improve his performance in school?

    The performance in school will definitely improve, but it will not happen overnight. To achieve that the child needs to work on the platform consistently and diligently. Gradually once the gaps are all clear in the child’s head and the new knowledge is being built on it smoothly, that’s when you will see the difference in school performance and also in the child’s attitude towards Math. Because now the child UNDERSTANDS Math and he doesn’t have to mug up formulae.
  • How much support will my child need to work on it?

    Max 5 min a day of your help and 2 hours a week of child’s working on the platform will be more than enough for the child to proceed at a good pace.
    It is primarily a self-learning program where the child masters the concepts by following the personalized path offered by the system. Students can also use the ‘Example’ option provided alongside the questions.
    Whenever help is required parents will be intimated through Emails’/ Sms etc to help their children with a Nano-skill and again the child can start on his own after that. So the support required by parents is minimal. But parents do need to ensure is that child is working for at least 2 hours a week on the system.
    UnlearnKids will send regular reports to the parents showing the level of their child’s performance and will educate them on any backlogs. Wherever the child has backlogs, parents must assist them in getting rid of that. That’s the maximum, we can ask.
  • What all is required for a child to begin learning with UnlearnKids?

    In order to begin using the advanced curriculum of UnlearnKids, a student would need a digital device – a laptop or a tablet and a working Internet connection. Parents are required to register their child on the system with a simple registration form available on the website
  • How can a student’s progress be monitored on the program?

    UnlearnKids also offer a separate interface for both parents and teachers for tracking purposes. A student’s performance can be regularly tracked by parents or teachers through their respective accounts. Besides this, the system would also send few automated reports to the stakeholders on a weekly basis.
  • Is it possible to work on UnlearnKids program offline?

    UnlearnKids module cannot be accessed offline and would require a working internet connection. It is not possible to download the module on any electronic device. A student can only participate in UnlearnKids sessions if they possess a device which is connected to a stable internet connection.

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