UnlearnKids is an intelligent math learning platform that helps children strengthen their foundation. It specializes in diagnosing the conceptual gaps of students and then provides highly personalized learning to help them fill their gaps and learn new concepts on their own. The platform, made up of Nanoskills is thoughtfully planned, engaging and developmentally appropriate. In addition to covering the Math syllabus comprehensively, Nanoskills also helps students build strong logical reasoning and comprehension skills with critical thinking.

Our Story

Our Story

The seeds of Unlearn children were sown in 2008 when the Founder of UnlearnKids, IIT Delhi Alumnus, Rahul Khandelwal worked with Pratham the largest NGO in India for the upliftment of primary education. At Pratham, Rahul managed programs with 5 state governments and worked very closely on the curation of Math workbooks for ability-wise learning that were used by millions of children across different states bringing 40% changes in learning levels in Punjab in 2010 according to ASER report.

The experience led to the idea of introducing a learning model capable of ensuring a holistic learning of Math. However, Rahul realized that before that could happen it was important to put himself in the shoes of a teacher. In 2010, he then founded Unlearn Formulae classrooms which were multi-grade, multi-level classrooms to learn “How Children Learn”. Holistic development was emphasized and Rahul made sure that no backlogs in the young minds remained.

The deep and continuous engagement with students in different socio-economic settings led to product evolvement. While teaching students the real needs of parents, teachers and students were kept in mind. Now, having worked and taught for 7 years, Rahul has come up with UnlearnKids, a cloud based intelligent platform to encourage students to acquire essential Mathematical skills with minimal external dependence.