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Access your Child’s Ability

Diagnostic Pre tests assess the ability of the child and identify the existing conceptual gaps which accumulate in his mind over a period of time and develop Math Fear and anxiety. The platform captures the specific problem areas of child in Mathematics and offer advanced solutions.
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Customize Learning Path

Artificial intelligence of the system offers a personalized guided learning path to each child and promotes ability-wise learning rather than age-wise learning. Each child on the program learns basis his own pace and capabilities.
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Enhance Mathematical skills

Each mathematical concept is broken down into sub concepts and further into Nanoskills to simplify learning process. Through Nanoskills,kids explore and learn new concepts easily on their own with minimal external help. Knowledge around a Mathematical concept is developed from the grass-root level.
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Develop creative thinking skills

Standardized exercises in the program encourage analytical thinking in the child and help him drive his own thinking tank.Whileprogressing on the learning paths, child learns to define problems, entertain new ideas and enlarge the limits of knowledge.
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Why do you need UnlearnKids

Our best services for your kids

Personalized Learning

Highly customized syllabus for your child based on his needs and learning patterns.

ZPD with Nanoskills

Enable your child to understand each & every aspect of a concept in a holistic way.

Experience Math

Seamless & ever evolving learning path helps them experience Math like never before.

Develops Confidence

Child is able to relate better with Math and increase his performance phenomenally

Develops Analytical Skills

Child don’t see Math as a collection of formulae rather develops an aptitude for Math

Develops Love for Math

Math seems to be a logical cake walk for the child making him/her fall in love with Math

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